Legal advice


Real estate law and construction law

Our team has many years of experience in consulting in real estate transactions, serving the interests of domestic and foreign investors.

We are pleased to advise on all topics related to real estate law and their sale or acquisition. As part of our competence, at the initial stage, we provide investment property advice, focusing it on your expectations and the proper structure of the realised transaction. The above includes the development and negotiation of all important contracts related to the implementation of the transaction, and after their successful completion the issue of settling any obligations that may still occur.

During the development and implementation of the project, we take over all consultancy and organisational issues related to the above. Thanks to predictable organisation and communication with project participants, we help accelerate the implementation of your tasks, identifying problems that arise earlier and solving them so as to avoid later disputes. We mediate in establishing contacts with banks and assist in financial talks benefiting from our many years of experience.

Universal civil law/contract law

We provide consultancy in all areas of civil law. We put emphasis on developing or analysing contracts.

A well-drawn-up agreement that regulates the possibility of conflicts in advance is the best guarantee for avoiding the unforeseen costs that could arise in the event of disputes. We will prepare draft contracts and general business conditions for you and check the contracts submitted by trade partners. Thanks to our support during negotiations with trading partners, we guarantee that your interests will be preserved and that you will find opportunities to avoid disputes in advance.

On top of that, we will consistently take over the issuing of payment order titles related to your claims, including compulsory enforcement on the debtor’s assets.

German-Polish law

Our team’s bilingual employees with legal education offer extensive advice to companies in the Polish-speaking regions and natural persons who work or would like to work in Germany. Due to the consideration of cultural and legal differences, our goal is not only to indicate the premises for solutions and assistance in your projects, but also to implement them.

In addition to out-of-court advice and representation, we will also represent your interests before any courts, international or national arbitration courts, and act as mediators in the event of conflicts. Avoiding disputes where this is not only possible and justified is our huge asset.

Commercial law and company law

Our multilingual team offers extensive and specialist consultancy in the field of commercial company law. We provide effective consultancy for both young enterprises, investors and start-ups in the field of establishing enterprises as well as for already operating capital companies (limited companies, joint-stock companies), partnerships (in particular limited companies & capital companies, civil law partnerships) covering all relevant matters related to commercial company law.

Inheritance law

We provide detailed advising on the order of inheritance of enterprises and property, inheritance contracts, wills and marriage contracts.

In the event of a transfer of property or business to family members or outsiders, we will work with you to develop solutions that incorporate many points of inheritance and donation law, tax law, company law, and family law. We will focus our attention on securing the interests of both yourself as well as the acquiring new generation. During this time, we also advise you about the possibility of transferring your assets during their lifetime to others and the related security of your interests.

We advise enterprises on the possibility of disputes with persons who are entitled to a part of the estate and whose claims against heirs requesting a compulsory part may seriously threaten the further existence of the company. Your spouse may in some circumstances claim additional rights, so that your successor may be forced to sell your business assets. In this respect, we will also develop appropriate marriage contracts with you, consider the possibility of transferring company assets by guaranteeing care benefits, and think about contracts for waiving the mandatory part. We will be more than happy to advise you on the subject of preparing general and security powers of attorney as well as the possibility of making decisions regarding the patient.

Family law

In the field of family law, we advise on divorces and possible claims related to joint property growth [i.e. division of property and equalization]. In the interdisciplinary dispute, we will also discuss the financial consequences related to separation and divorce, in particular regarding property values such as an enterprise.