The two notaries offer you a broad range of international services. They are able to correspond not only in German, but also in English, Russian and Polish as our native language.

Klaus Höpken

Lawyer and Notary

Dr. Katja Schüler, LL.M.

Lawyer and Notary

Specialisation with emphasis on

International affairs

  • European Certificate of Succession
  • Authentication of international travel documents

Real estate & land lot

  • Real estate transactions (share and asset deals)
  • Authentication of contracts for the purchase of land
  • Establishing lien on property
  • Declaration on the division in accordance with the Housing Act
  • Developer agreements
  • Transfer of real estate
  • Purchase and transfer (donation) of houses, owner-occupied flats and land plots.
  • Establishing mortgage debt
  • Right to live, right of use, right of pre-emption
  • Declaration of division in accordance with WEG
  • Purchase offers
  • Agreements regarding hereditary building rights

Testament & Inheritance

  • Testaments
  • Inheritance agreements
  • Transfer agreements
  • Agreements regarding succession disputes
  • Inheritance rejections
  • Applications for inheritance acquisition
  • Partial resignations from obligations
  • Transfer of parts of estate
  • Statements of the deceased
  • Securing power of attorney
  • Making decisions about the patient

Company law

Establishment of capital companies and partnerships (e.g. limited liability companies, limited liability companies & limited partnerships, limited liability companies of various forms, general partnerships, limited partnerships (i.e. GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, UG, OHG, KG)

  • Amendment of the statutes
  • Financial measures
  • Purchase and sale agreements and withdrawal of company shares
  • Creating associations


  • Security power of attorney
  • Making decisions about the patient
  • Issue of care orders


  • Certificates and documents
  • Notarisation of all types of signatures
  • Statements of consent (e.g. consent to administration)
  • Permission statements

Power of Attorney

  • General power of attorney
  • Power of attorney for purchase
  • Power of attorney for sale

Sworn declaration

  • Declarations with binding commitment as part of the application for a declaration of acquisition of inheritance
  • Acknowledgement of guilt
  • Acknowledgment of guilt
  • Declarations with binding commitment addressed to institutions and offices

Family law

  • Marriage agreements
  • Divorce succession agreements

Homeoffice: Wir beraten Sie gerne.

Das Thema Homeoffice beschäftigt zur Zeit viele Unternehmen und Mitarbeiter.

Das Coronavirus SARS- CoV-2 führte zur nahezu flächendeckenden, schnellen Durchführung für Homeoffice, allerdings häufig ohne arbeitsvertragliche Regelungen.

Wir beraten Sie, inwieweit Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer im Homeoffice arbeiten dürfen oder müssen und welche Pflichten das Unternehmen in diesem Fall treffen. Gemeinsam mit Ihnen prüfen wir auch, inwieweit sich das Modell Homeoffice auch für die zukünftige Arbeit eignet und was dabei beachtet werden muss.

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